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Home Workout During Quarantine 

Times right now are strange and unprecedented, no one was ready for the major and rapid changes we had to adapt to in our dealings with others, our daily routine, or in our personal life. Since almost everyone is now quarantined at home and every public place like swimming pools, shopping centers and gyms have been shut down for the foreseeable future, we’ve become quite lazy at home, and this is a problem faced by many right now. 
         The lethargy started setting in only a few days into lockdown, and many of us decided to treat the initial time as a mini-vacation; relaxing a bit too much and lying around all day. However, our bodies were designed for motion and it craves movement; after some time of doing nothing, there’s always an itch to get up and move around. So how can you give your body the exercise and care it needs when everything’s closed? Workout at home of course! 
          There are several simple but effective workout routines you could do from home without needing a treadmill, exercise bicycle, or any other fancy gym equipment, and we’re here to tell you all about it. From basic warm-up stretches to proper workout, everything you need to know about at-home workout is right here.

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