On the Go Breakfast Ideas

On the Go Breakfast Ideas

On The Go Breakfast Ideas

Slept in? Late for work? school? college? Or wherever it is that you need to be? Or maybe you, like me, just don’t like waking up early and are more of a rush through everything sort of person. Either way, this means no time for an extensive, gourmet breakfast right? Just shove down a granola bar, a slice of bread with jam, or grab some cereal, yes, plain old, boring cereal. Sounds like a pretty sad, sugar-filled and let’s be honest, dull first meal of the day. For some people, no time in the morning may also mean no breakfast at all. But skipping on the most important meal of the day or not really paying much attention to it regularly doesn’t sound like a healthy diet choice, particularly in the long run. Not only would you start feeling hungry soon, but you would also be distracted for the rest of the day until lunch, it really isn’t easy to get anything done on an empty stomach.
       So what’s something fulfilling and healthy, which would keep you energized for your day, but also wouldn’t require you to wake up super early, or is something you can just make on the get-go? Well, the answer is, a lot of things. There are dozens of ways you can get a nice, quick, and healthy breakfast each day of the week without an hour-long cooking time before, and we’re here to introduce some of those ideas to you! You can meal prep early on or you could go for options that take just a few minutes to make.

Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas

If it’s just the mornings that are the issue and you have free time during the rest of the week like on the weekend or a few hours in your normal weekdays, you could meal prep for your breakfast then! It would take a little effort, but trust me, it would be absolutely worth it and you’ll actually thank yourself later for spending a little time on your breakfast meal prep instead of leaving it for the groggy, busy morning time. Plus, you’ll be prepping for several days at once. So, one-time effort and then reap the fruit of that for a week, maybe two? Sounds like an investment! Read on for some of the best and delicious meal prep plans that will have you coming back to them time and time again.

Breakfast sandwiches or McMuffins

Are you a fan of Mcdonald's famous breakfast McMuffins? They’re convenient, just get them through the drive-thru and enjoy your delicious little meal. Well, you don’t have to rely on drive-thru anymore and can save yourself the time and money required for that, since we’re here to provide you with an easy and healthy alternative. You can now make these delicious breakfast sandwiches at home! Adding any ingredient you like, mixing up different things, and trying different variations.
         Get some English muffins, slice them, scramble some eggs, and get your favorite cheese. For the filling, you could go for bacon, sausage patties, small beef patties, or anything else you want. Put it all together and freeze them for use later use, and yes you can freeze all these ingredients. In the morning just grab one, heat it in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re good to go!  

Breakfast Burritos

Everyone loves burritos, so to have them as your first meal of the day? What a dream, right?! Well, no longer just a dream. With a less than 1 hour prep time, you could enjoy these for breakfast for a week. 
       Cook your meat (sausages, minced meat, etc.) in a pan, add some onions, scramble some eggs in the same pan and add a few spices, you now have your main mix. Scoop it over your tortillas, wrap and then freeze them. You have your flavor-filled, protein-packed breakfast for the week all ready!

Banana Egg pancakes

For those of you out there that have a sweet tooth but are also looking for something nutritious and with fewer calories, banana egg pancakes are perfect for you! They’re delicious with all the flavor of a normal pancake but so much easier to make and a healthier alternative. Plus, you only need 2 ingredients; bananas and eggs. These two foods are rich in protein, potassium, vitamins, minerals, and bananas are a great source of fiber.
        So what do you need to do? Whisk together your two ingredients, you’ll have a thin batter as a result. Make pancakes as you would normally and store them in a zip-lock bag in the freezer for later. The best part is that you can store the batter itself for later too.

Egg cups

Egg muffins are the complete package; small, easily portable, nutritious, and really flavorful. You could literally add anything you like from healthy vegetables like spinach to cooked meats, bacon, and other spices. Mix your ingredients (cooked or uncooked) and eggs together, pour the batter in a muffin tray, bake, and you’re done! Wrap them up, freeze and heat for 3-4 minutes when you need them.

Overnight Oats

In the recent few years, oats seem to have become quite famous, and for good reason too. They’re one of the healthiest and most versatile foods out there and make for some amazing breakfast meals. With oats, your options are limitless, and you can add fruits, nuts, different kinds of milk to give it a delicious and sweet upgrade. 
        From blueberry almond overnight oats to cherry berry, banana oats, you could try all sorts of different things. A major bonus point is that it requires no cooking! Mix your ingredients, leave overnight, and add just your favorite toppings in the morning. Pretty simple, right?

 Oatmeal cups 

Looking for something that’s sweet and you can grab and eat on the way, something simple but healthy? We’ve got a special recommendation for you, oatmeal cups! You could find hundreds of recipes with different extra ingredients added online or you can customize your muffins and add things you prefer. You can add both dry (cinnamon, walnuts, carrot, chocolate) and wet (milk, honey, eggs) to your oatmeals, bake and store them in an airtight container in your freezer for up to 6 months.

Quick, morning rush breakfasts

Didn’t meal prep? Or maybe you usually wake up early to make a proper breakfast, but now find yourself a victim to one of those lazy mornings where you just don’t want to get up and by the time you do, you’re running late. So, now you need to whip up an urgent breakfast, can’t leave without eating anything now, can we? For mornings like these, we have a few breakfast solutions that might lessen your problems and give you more time for other things.

Skinny Omelet

First up is a simple but tasty burrito-style omelet. This might sound like work, but trust me, it saves more time than any normal breakfast and results in a wrapped omelet that you can carry with you to your commute or just eat while walking.
      Simply whisk an egg and spread it on your pan very thin, like a crepe. Flip it over, add some salad greens, pesto, or anything else you have on hand in the middle, wrap your omelet like a burrito and you’re ready to go out!


For the healthy plethora of options smoothies provide, they’ve caught the eye of many people, especially those that are keen on staying fit. From green smoothies with spinach or matcha to healthy smoothies with oats, chia seeds, to the classics fruit smoothies with bananas, berries, etc., the possibilities are endless.
      You can opt for a base with water or fruit juice, or you could go for a dairy base like milk, yogurt, ice cream, it depends on your other ingredients and what you like more. For extra sweetness (if that’s what you’re going for), you can even add honey or maple syrup.


We eat toasts all the time, right? They’re easy, quick, aren’t messy to eat, and go with almost anything. Still, a lot of us tend to stick to just some jam or simple spread and that can get pretty boring, pretty soon. So why not make it a little exciting? Don’t worry this will hardly take any time and you can use whatever you have at the moment.
       Smashed avocados with salt and pepper, nut butter and bananas, chocolate spread and strawberries, or maybe just some simple tomatoes with ricotta; you can combine anything you have and enjoy a luxury toast.

Milk Shakes

Last but not the least, and a personal favorite, are milkshakes. They’re probably the easiest thing to make; blend a few ingredients like chocolate, milk, and sugar together, add a little ice if you like your shakes cold, pour in a glass and you’re all set.

What more now?

Now that you have a bunch of ideas about what you could make for the rushed mornings, all you need to do is pick a few things that interest you, get the groceries for them and either meal prep or just make sure your kitchen isn’t completely empty when you need a quick grab and go breakfast.

For more healthy recipes click on the below link:



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