Know the Natural Army Products!

Know the Natural Army Products!

The Best Quality Products On Natural Army Apparel

Whenever we buy something, our top priority is affordable, durable, and only of the best material. Compromising on quality means buying something that’s only going to last a little while, whose texture would be rough and uncomfortable, and something that will have you spending more money. This is obviously a hassle and can be pretty annoying or could even make you lose trust in the seller.
         To ease you of those worries, make sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase and keep you hooked for future products, Natural Army Apparel brings you clothes made only of the most authentic fabric. Their outfits will provide you the comfort you crave at an affordable price while making you look chic and trendy! To learn more about the materials they use and assure yourself that you’re indeed spending your money in the right place, read on for more information.

Fabric Used for Tops

At Natural Army Apparel you can find all kinds of assortments of tops from vintage tees, khaki tops, tank tops to crop tops. They’re all chic, take inspiration from street style while incorporating factors of modern wear, and most importantly are made from only the best fabric that guarantees comfort and relief when working out, being outside, or doing any strenuous activity, even in higher temperatures.
       All the tops are made of 100% cotton, which means that they’re very breathable, give you a much cooler feeling when worn in hot weather, have a smooth texture, and are soft to the touch. This is different from clothes with the tag ‘pure cotton’ because that means that other materials are still blended with the cotton, but the cotton that has been used is pure.
      100% cotton on the other hand refers to fabrics that don’t have any other materials like polyester added in them and the cloth is made of only cellulosic fibers. This is great not just for you but also for the environment since it’s biodegradable, and can withstand as many washes as it needs to, without losing its feel or quality. 
       A huge advantage of buying any garment made of 100% cotton is that it’s durable, very soft, and easy to take care of. Moreover, since the fabric is breathable, it means no rashes, boils, or roughness on the skin. Since the cotton used to make the material of our fabric is of good quality and is treated before forming the fabric, it is dust-mite resistant and therefore it means no allergies.    Such fabric would also prevent moisture from building up between the skin and the cloth, which is ideal for when you’re doing exercise or for hot days.
Most cotton before processing is combed which makes the yarn softer, stronger, and cleans it of any short fibers which make for a top-notch garment. This also ensures that your clothes will be wrinkle-free for long times and will have that crisp look throughout their lifetime. 
       Other than this, several activewear clothes like stealth strap crops are made of a mix of polyester and spandex for ease of movement, as well as to really get you in the mood for outdoor activity or workout. These articles, however, do not compromise on comfort and will give you a smooth, stress-free experience.

Leggings, Shorts, and Track Pants

The fabric used for bottoms varies depending on the purpose of the garment, some are worn in a more relaxed setting and their sole purpose is to provide comfort while there are others that require stretching of the material and therefore comfort is no longer the only factor that should be kept in mind. Doing this could be harmful in the long run since it would lead to tearing in the fabric, being worn out early, ultimately making it last for a very short time.  

At Natural Army Apparel, based on the substance they’re made of, bottoms can be divided into two sections:

100% cotton (shorts, track pants)

These two pieces of clothing are made of 100% cotton to give a soft texture, something that isn’t too tight and is breathable. This is great for your skin since it prevents excessive sweating, doesn’t trap moisture between the cloth and skin, and its fleecy feel is perfect for when you’re planning on wearing these for a long time. Moreover, it would prevent chafing and rashes, so if you have sensitive skin, these are a really good fit for you, not just for outerwear or activewear but also for casual wear or when you just feel like relaxing at home

Polyester and Spandex (leggings and shorts)

The ratio of the mix used for these is 73% polyester and 23% spandex. This is suitable for people who plan on doing yoga in these or any other exercise that requires a lot of movement and would stretch the material. This blend also makes for something strong and durable that wouldn’t tear easily, but also wouldn’t stretch out permanently soon and becomes loose.

Polyester with Elastane and Nylon (leggings)

Elastane is specifically used in leggings to make the material more flexible and add strength to it, or else the rigid fibers of polyester would start ripping at areas where there is even a little flexing. The leggings use a blend of 88% polyester and 12% elastane but for areas of paneling, 87% nylon (which is a silky and abrasion-resistant material) with 13% elastane is used. This is a great design for leggings both appearance-wise as well as when it comes to quality.  

Keeping up the Quality in the Accessories 

If you’re looking for cool, appropriate accessories to go with your clothes, you can find those here too. The best part is, that even in them you’ll find that we uphold the quality and class we’re so proud of. For example, their crew socks consist of 78% cotton, 20% nylon, and 2% spandex which make for soft, comfortable socks that would prevent blisters. Other than this their A-frame hats, protein shakers (all of which come with a plastic ball for smooth mixing), and wristbands are great outdoor accessories.  

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